Curbside Pickup - We make it easy!

Getting Your Online Purchases Home

So you’re considering purchasing an item from our Hee-Store, hurray! Allow us to break down the process for you. 

Before You Checkout

Before you check out, make sure you’ve reached our order minimum of $20 for curbside pickup. This can be any combination of plants, garden supplies, local jams, hard cider, anything in the store. Why is there an order minimum online? Simply put, we can’t, while practicing physical distancing, fulfill as many orders as people would like us to. We can only pull so many orders per hour, big or small. We know many of you appreciate the option to order online, placed orders shortly after for an extra product or two you forgot. To save spots for others to get their orders in we encourage you to think twice and click ‘buy’ once so we can save you an extra trip out and leave a pick-up slot open for someone else. We hope we can remove this order minimum in the future when we can find a way to meet order demand again2

Curbside Pick-Up

If it’s more convenient, you can opt to pick up your order here at Heeman’s.

  1. Arrive at your pick-up time. Park at a designated numbered parking spot, and wait.
  2. Have your order number from your confirmation email ready.
  3. A Daymaker will come ask for your order number, and let the team know.
  4. Keeping social distance, when it is safe, please open your trunk door fully, and return to inside your vehicle.
  5. A Daymaker will bring the cart with your order right to your car. We can even load it in while you sit to avoid unnecessary contact.
  6. Remember to check your order, before leaving Heeman’s parking lot, and close your trunk securely.

Thank you for shopping with Heeman’s!

We are available for pick-ups during operating hours (reserved for pick-ups only, not walk-in guests). We’re here to answer questions by phone during the same hours.


Heeman’s is open for in-store shopping. We also offer curbside pick-ups of Online orders from 9:00am to 10:00am daily and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm weekdays.

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